to the lighthouse

Trip to Austrian Neusiedlersee and back (897km in two days)


Free weekend and end of summer. We checked the weather app and the forecast was clear – the north of the Czech Republic will be covered in clouds and rain. So our decision was to do a trip to the south.


Well, that was a mistake. All day long we were riding a few minutes behind the rain clouds. It was cold and even the coke was freezing. Luckily the engine was quite hot all the way!


Views weren’t amazing because of the grey clouds, but we could smell the wine in the air.. amazing place.


The whole village is hidden/drowned in Nove Mlýny … amazing views and thoughts about what’s underwater.


There are more than 300 wind turbines in the Weinviertel region.


A small palace next to the legendary SchlossHof – next time we have to check out the big one!


We found this place by chance. The road to this place was really bad. Slick as hell. But it was worth it. We could see Bratislava in the sun, even though the clouds were all around us.


On the other side was the Dunaj River with its monstrous appearance. There was a special atmosphere at the top, really inspiring to see how close Slovakia and Austria are – but in communist times there was no way to travel between those cities. Pretty fucked up.


The holiday resort … the small sea … the lake between Hungary, Austria and near Slovakia. Pretty interesting place to see with all the holiday houses and leisure activities.


It looked like something out of a bad romantic comedy. Boat with lovers leaving the horizon and birds flying around. Just obscure.


The booking app came in handy. Lake Neusiedl was either fully booked or crazy overpriced. So we checked what was available within a 50km radius. And there it was. A houseboat! It was called Modrá čajka and the experience was pretty awesome! Restaurant with tasty local food and bar full of whisky and rum. So we went in for a couple of shots and just relaxed for a bit.

Gabčíkovo is a waterworks on the Danube in Bratislava and south-east of it in the Trnava region, in southern Slovakia near the border with Hungary. About 1 km south of the village of Gabčíkovo, after which the plant is named, a dam with a hydroelectric power station is being built. The resulting reservoir covers an area of 46 km², includes a group of 12 islands (Benko’s Islands) and extends into the Bratislava region. It is situated at an altitude of 131 metres.

It was quite surreal to explore the place in the dark. Even after listening to the Harley engine rumble all day, this place was quite noisy. The architecture is brutal and somehow breathtaking.


The way back is always faster than the way in. This was the case.

A quick trip through Bratislava, a hot coffee at my sister’s house just outside the city, a few turns on the famous climb near Pezinok and we were home again. Already planning the next trip. Bikes are awesome. . .

Fujifilm X-E3 | Fujinon XF 18-55mm f/2.8-4.0